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The Racist and Paedophilic Roots of Western Beauty Standards

Beauty standards for women have always been nothing short of unrealistic and unachievable, and are made up of racist and infantile images due to the rise of race theory, and the ever-present patriarchy. Feminine beauty has been transformed into an industry designed to keep self-esteem low and profits high and built catering to the white, cisgender, heterosexual male gaze. White supremacy and sexism – particularly the intersection of these two ideas – are still prevalent in modern society, resulting in ideas of the beautiful woman that are consistently paedophilic and racist.

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COVID-19 and Clothing Brands: Pandemic Leads to Surge in Modern Slavery

The notion that corporate accountability and workplace safeguarding have become standard practice is deeply fallacious. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has unveiled the empty promises made by brands claiming to protect the well-being of their employees and exposed corporations’ willingness to engage in poor business practices during periods of economic hardship.

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Carers Week: Young Carers in Lockdown

Young carers often handle a huge undertaking of tasks ranging from personal care arranging health care and benefits. During lockdown, many young carers have lost the support and respite that they would normally receive. In this post, I’ll be sharing my experiences and tips for young carers for handling difficult emotions at this time.

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Elevating the Mundane: Covid-19 – an 18-year-old’s Perspective

This piece of writing is a response to the following questions: Will the current crisis change the way we behave towards one another, and should it? What, if anything, will ‘society’ learn from what is happening? From the perspective of an 18 year old: I’ve decided to call this short piece of writing ‘Elevating the […]