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Carers Week: Young Carers in Lockdown

Young carers often handle a huge undertaking of tasks ranging from personal care arranging health care and benefits. During lockdown, many young carers have lost the support and respite that they would normally receive. In this post, I’ll be sharing my experiences and tips for young carers for handling difficult emotions at this time.

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Tabletop Games & the Mental Health of Generations

Tabletop games have in fact been used to help people suffering with mental illness. This isn’t a recent development, as a matter of fact I managed to dig up a case study from 26 years ago. It’s a lovely overview of a young man’s journey through therapy, with the assistance of D&D. Using it as a means of forming social support, but also as a safe outlet for his feelings, he was able to build his confidence and emotional intelligence.

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My Story of Acceptance

I write this as an open letter to myself to look back on and see the journey that I’ve taken; reflect on how much I have changed as a person and use this platform to speak my truth and advocate for those who feel silenced. I hope this may help the people I know understand me more and also bring comfort to those reading who may be facing similar problems.