Physics Mathematics Opinion Piece

Wonder and Time Travel

Time travel is one of those outlandish concepts that has mesmerised and troubled numerous curious minds, whether from a scientific perspective or just innocent speculation. As non-scientists, we may perceive the wonders of science in action as ‘miracles’ or ‘magic’. However, it is only through understanding well-substantiated theories and mathematical proof that we come to realise that science is more of a rigorous, tiresome but incredibly rewarding method of investigation, rather than an instant solution to our problems.


Infinity or Infinite Misconceptions?

The very idea of infinity is familiar to us all from as early as we learn to count. Naturally, we think to ourselves “What’s the biggest number ever?” Sooner or later we realise there is none since we could always add 1 to any number – this is what underpins the notion of infinity. Due to its nature it cannot be treated as a real number.