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LGBTQ Rights in Poland: An Update on the Situation by a Polish Queer

The anti-LGBT zones remain firmly established across the country, with an attempt made by the EU to refuse funding under the twinning programme to 6 cities enforcing the anti-LGBT sentiment. While the funding is not going to come from the EU, it is going to come from within the government’s Justice Fund as promised by Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro. An equivalent of just over £50,000 of government funding is being used as a statement: they will not back down. Their priority is unwavering, as they continue to support and propel the bigotry of its citizens.

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Poland’s LGBT ideology-free zones

Most people are aware of the danger the LGBTQIA+ community faces in Russia, the recent ban on trans people serving in the US military forces, or the transphobic discourse currently overtaking twitter – but there is nary a mention of the ticking time bomb that is the introduction of Poland’s ‘LGBTQIA+ ideology’ free zones. It is time to change that.

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Tabletop Games & the Mental Health of Generations

Tabletop games have in fact been used to help people suffering with mental illness. This isn’t a recent development, as a matter of fact I managed to dig up a case study from 26 years ago. It’s a lovely overview of a young man’s journey through therapy, with the assistance of D&D. Using it as a means of forming social support, but also as a safe outlet for his feelings, he was able to build his confidence and emotional intelligence.