Black Lives Matter Social Justice

Black Lives Matter is a Movement, not a Moment.

Following the brutal murder of George Floyd, yet another African American man’s death as a result of police brutality, the injustices of the centuries-long lynching of black men in America are no longer concealed or hidden from the public eye. With the power of social media, people around the world from Auckland in New Zealand, to Mogadishu in Somalia, are standing in solidarity with the protestors in the US to ensure that the message is clear: Black Lives Matter.

Covid-19 Society

Elevating the Mundane: Covid-19 – an 18-year-old’s Perspective

This piece of writing is a response to the following questions: Will the current crisis change the way we behave towards one another, and should it? What, if anything, will ‘society’ learn from what is happening? From the perspective of an 18 year old: I’ve decided to call this short piece of writing ‘Elevating the […]