Contributor Guidelines

The GrassRoute’s main aim is to amplify voices that are often silenced, but like any other professional platform, we must have our guidelines. We have a strict policy against any form of hate speech; The GrassRoute is intended to be an inclusive and diverse community of writers and readers. All submissions must be in accordance with our values as a team: tolerance and open-mindedness to education. We also have a strict policy against misinformation; we at The GrassRoute require all our articles to be backed with evidence and well-referenced where appropriate. Further to the need for respectful subject matter, we ask that you refrain from foul language, unless it is required within a quotation. 

If you are a minor, we will give you the option to upload using a pseudonym for privacy purposes – the same does not apply to adult contributors. We believe in accountability for all, and that means your work must be attributed to yourself and yourself only. 

Lastly, despite thorough, two-stage editorial review being an option, we reserve the right to reject submissions if we see fit – this may be due to it not reflecting the ethos of the site, or not meeting the stellar standard of the work we already host. The GrassRoute is built to be accessible for everyone but in order to successfully achieve our goal of educating the masses, we cannot take on every submission we receive if they do not meet a certain level of quality. We hope you understand and take the opportunity to submit your work for review and hopefully for publication!

Thank you!

Update: We now require all submissions to be at least 650 words long. If you are interested in writing shorter pieces or content creating for our Instagram please get in contact!

The GrassRoute Team