The GrassRoute🌱 is a non-profit media platform for independent writers and creatives to share their articles, opinion pieces and other creative projects.

A Message from Our Editor

The GrassRoute is a non-profit organisation run by young people. Our aim is to provide a platform for everyone to use their voice and share their unique passions and perspectives to help diversify the existing blog culture. Our writers have complete freedom to write what they desire, but unlike social media, we will always ensure everything is fact-checked and well-referenced where appropriate so that our readers can rest assured that they are protected from the unfortunate world of fake news.

We intend to provide an educational service separate from the fast-paced blur of social media and amplify the voices that are often diluted by Instagram and Facebook feeds. Change is made possible incrementally, and we hope to contribute by emboldening the voices of our next generation of politicians, doctors, writers, and innovators. 

Why Write for Us?

At The GrassRoute, if you agree to be a collaborator, there is no pressure or commitment – you can be a regular writer, or even just submit a piece as a one-off! Our writers are also given the opportunity to have their work peer-reviewed and edited before publishing. Due to the freedom of subject matter, you can advertise your businesses and personal endeavours as well as charities and petitions for causes you are passionate about.

Our main aim is to provide a service outside of social media for a longer, more sophisticated delivery of information, and so if you’ve ever wanted to present your work more professionally, consider joining us! All you have to do is contact us here – be sure to check out our guidelines beforehand.

We look forward to helping you become a published writer here at The GrassRoute!

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